Saturday, November 9, 2013

Women: Date Your Father

I know. Me, giving dating advice? Kind of like the blind leading the blind, right? Me-- a girl who is 20 (and a half tomorrow!), who has never been on date (or even asked to prom) and who's idea of flirting is saying "Hey... so do you like Lord of the Rings?"

But listen. This is important. I was always raised under the idea that women grow up and marry their fathers. Someone who acts just like them, has their same ideals and same flaws. Which makes sense, because every guy I've ever had a crush on resembles my father in some way, shape, or form. (Or sometimes, it's scary uncanny.)

And this isn't wrong! And I'm not saying it is. But there's something else to be learned here, too. (As if our fathers didn't teach us enough.)

Tonight, my dad took me out to see the new Thor movie. (Which was absolutely incredible, but I won't get into a full-fledged movie review.) He put on a nice shirt, he drove us to the theater. He held the door for me. He bought our tickets. He bought our popcorn. He even bought me pink lemonade because we couldn't share one because he loves Pepsi and I don't drink soda. He was even so punctual we got the perfect seats. He let me have the inside armrest. He laughed at all the commentary I made while watching the movie (and he had plenty of his own.) And come to find out, when I thought I was alone laughing, he was the only one laughing with me. He was a perfect gentleman.

Ladies-- what does that sound like? Doesn't that sound ideal? Isn't that what all (most) girls say that they always want? Well, you deserve nothing less.

Most people are completely befuddled at my 20 year (and a half tomorrow) singlehood. (I'm not. I mean, I still count my age by  halves.) They say "Autumn you're so pretty" (hah), "Autumn you're such a beauty" (hah) and "Autumn you have the best personality" (I know, right?!). But to be honest, it's because I know I deserve better. Yeah, guys have knocked on my door, but I've sent them away, even if they were nice enough guys. But you don't deserve "nice enough". Or "good enough". You deserve the best for YOU! Now those guys will be some other girl's dream guy, just not yours. And settling isn't fair for anyone.

And I know, that some people aren't fortunate enough to have a dad like mine, who sets this Godly, concrete example of how a husband should be to his wife and to his children. My dad wasn't always that person, either. And if this is you, think instead of what you know you deserve from your boyfriend/fiance/husband. I know that due to the materialistic and superficial society we live in today, we accredit our self worth to the opinion of others, especially that of the opposite gender, but we have got to stop doing that! We'll never get anywhere. We'll never move forward and we'll forever live under the oppression of the falsehood of body image, self-esteem and values. The vicious cycle will rage on and on.

Date your father. Date the man who hold the door for you. Who will buy your ticket and your popcorn and even your pink lemonade. Who will be selfless and let you have the middle armrest without asking or even bringing it up. Someone who doesn't mind when you laugh at inappropriate times during a film because he's laughing, too. Marry the person who treats you the way your father would (or should) treat you-- with love, respect, honor, selflessness, Godliness, and righteousness. Someone who lifts you up because he is lifted by the Creator. Don't settle, ladies. Don't degrade yourself. The cycle can stop here.

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